Synergy works.


  • EUWebServices is a full cycle web and mobile software development company that specializes in custom software creation. We are located in Minsk, Belarus. Being located in center of Europer we're easy to deal with - we have many cultural and mental similarities with clients from Europe and USA.

  • Our key difference is that we talk the same language with our clients,using only clear terms and put ourselves in customer’s shoes. We're explicit, honest and relevant as much as possible.

  • We are agile and flexible, always open to discussion and compromises. Our professionals work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and help them develop products from the ground up.

  • Whether you have a complete specification document that must be implemented or whether you have a simple idea of what you want in the mobile or web application area, we do our best to deliver high quality solutions tailored to your goals.

  • Technologies:

    • Server-side: PHP / MySQL, Ruby, .NET

    • Mobile: iOS Objective-C, Android Java, Titanium Appcelerator, Adobe AIR, Apache Flex, Unity3d

    • High-load: custom Amazon EC2 and RDS solutions

    • Client-side: jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, Flash/ActionScript, CSS

    • APIs: REST/SOAP, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, MapKit etc.

    Our departments:


    Mobile and browser-based web applications (apps)

    • 1) HTML5 mobile apps for Android and iOS
    • 2) Native(Objective C and Java) programming for iOS and Android
    • 3) Custom HTML5 solutions - games, video streaming etc.
    • 4) JS and HTML based cross platform apps (PhoneGap, Sencha, Appcelerator)
    • 5) Titanium, Unity3d, Apache Flex apps for Android and iOS
    • 6) Rich Internet and media applications (RIA)
    • 7) Responsive websites


    • • Native smartphone app development
    • • Cross platform app development
    • • Mobile HTML5 framework development
    • • Web based applications development
    • • Web application architecture & UI/UX
    • • HTML5 page layout and design
    • • App Store optimization (ASO)

    Web 'n' Cloud.

    Front end / back end web programming solutions

    • 1) Cloud-based video management and monetization platforms
    • 2) Online / mobile advertising networks, ad tracking tools
    • 3) Communities, social networks, enterprise CRM projects
    • 4) Big websites (portals, dating, ecommerce, classified ads)
    • 5) Complex JavaScript/CSS frontend development
    • 6) Custom high load Amazon EC2 and RDS solutions
    • 7) Browser apps for routine task automation, web scraping engines and parsers


    • • Custom PHP, Ruby, .Net web services
    • • Website engine and database development
    • • Backend and frontend modules
    • • Content management, on-page SEO
    • • Website maintenance & support
    • • Template design, PSD to HTML
    • • Domain registration / transfer

    Our Inventory

    HTML5 CSS3 iOS 7 Android Ruby ROR ActionScript 3 JavaScript Facebook SDK Adobe AIR Apache Flex PhoneGap Titanium PHP MySQL AJAX Amazon web services Unity jQuery Sencha

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